Honest Critique

Before I went to graduate school for creative writing, I worked on my writing alone. I didn’t have any critique partners or any real comments of substance other than “this is awesome!” It sure is nice to hear your manuscript is awesome, but having a good pair of eyes on your work can jump your progress exponentially. After taking the wonderful critique I received from professionals, my technique improved leaps and bounds.

I would love to help you improve your technique.

Manuscripts Accepted

Middle Grade and Young Adult

*If your manuscript has any sexual harassment and/or assault, then I’m not the right fit.


Why Pick Me?

-I’ve written seven manuscripts over a ten year period of time.​​

-MA in English and Creative Writing with a 3.9 GPA from Southern New Hampshire University which includes a class focused on building a graduate level writing class from the ground up (A+ grade). A sample of a mini-lesson can be found at prezi.com/nmeugeap2657/sensory-mapping/



Reader Reports

0.004 cents per word
Example: 60K manuscript is $240.00

This is great for an overview of what works and what doesn’t in your manuscript from both the macro and micro level. A detailed edit letter of 4+ pages which critiques plot, pacing, world-building, characterization, themes, setting, dialogue, etc.

Line Edits

0.008 cents per word
Example: 60K manuscript is $480.00

This service goes line by line, looking at every sentence to really make your manuscript shine. Plot, pacing, world-building, characterization, themes, setting, dialogue, etc. will all be critiqued. In-document comments as well as a detailed edit letter of 4+ pages going over the detailed strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript.

Businesses, Students, and Other

Contact for Pricing

For smaller services for writers, students, or businesses, please send an inquiry through the contact section detailing what you need and the date you need it it by, and I will let you know if I am a good fit for your project and send you a quote. I have experience in business as an Administrative Assistant, Manager, Project Manager and student experience with writing research papers. and large portfolio-style projects.


More Information

Scheduling and Payment Information

To schedule services, please use the contact form. Full payment is required in advance via PayPal. Half payment will reserve your spot for three weeks or more in advance. If you need to cancel, please let me know as soon as possible. If cancellation is last minute, then you’ll be charged a 15% fee.



"As a beginner, I found that Mel's advice and editing helped me level up faster than anything else I've tried! I'd recommend her to anyone." -Eric L.

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